A eulogy for steel gas cylinders

The days of the steel gas cylinder have come and gone. It is time to put them to rest once and for all, no matter how difficult it may be. We are gathered here today to honour them and their contribution to this world.

Gas cylinders have served us well. From refill to refill. From clanging, rusty delivery to clanging, rusty delivery. We will remember with great fondness all the times we grabbed them and shook them around to try and figure out how much gas they still had left inside. And who could forget the perfect brown rust rings they left on our floors? They are the permanent reminders of our time spent together, because heaven knows we have tried (and failed) to scrub those rusty marks away.

We remember all those times we searched for gas cylinder refills on the coldest night of the year when our heaters ran out of gas. Or when we drove from hardware store to hardware store looking for gas cylinders on a Saturday morning when we could have been doing literally anything else. What about all the times we were just about to light the gas braai and they decided that was the perfect time to run out. They were so quirky and unexpected like that!

Gas cylinders had such a unique look. Maybe not always the prettiest to look at, what with the dings and the dents, the rust and the chipped paint – but they had such character. Yes, it was sometimes tough to look at them in the gas heater in our lounge because of these things – but still they persevered. And we put them in the middle of our homes no matter how beaten up they looked. Gas cylinders were truly proof to all of us that it is really what’s inside that counts.

Getting gas delivered was always such an exciting experience. Because not only did we get to hear (and smell) the old truck trundling down the road before a delivery, we also had the extra enjoyment of wondering exactly when it would arrive. Would the gas refills come at all? Would they come tomorrow? Would they let us know in advance that they were on their way? That was all part of the mystery. And of course, there were the delivery fees for gas refills. Not always the most exciting thing to pay, but a very important part of the process.

Sadly for steel gas cylinders, the world has moved on. Composite glass fibre cylinders entered the market and turned everything on its head. They are durable, designed to slowly burn (not explode, which is a risk with steel gas cylinders) and they’re lighter. That means that if you knock one over by mistake you don’t need to be an Olympic weightlifter to get them upright again. It was incredibly thoughtful how steel gas cylinders looked out for our health like that; encouraging us to lift weights and really get strong, but there is no need anymore!

And of course, we would be missing something if we didn’t mention how closely guarded steel gas cylinders were. Some might say they were entirely opaque, keeping their contents hidden from the world. Composite cylinders, on the other hand, are translucent and happy to reveal themselves to anyone who cares to look. It’s just another way the new generation think differently to the generation that came before. When you’ve got a composite gas cylinder and you’re looking for a refill, all you need to do is check the level on the side and order when it starts running low. At Go Gas, we’ll even delivery gas cylinders and gas refills to you for free. The world really has moved on.

And so, it is time to say our final goodbyes to steel gas cylinders. They served us well for years and for that we thank them. It is time for them to roll off into the sunset. But it’s important for all of us to remember life always begins anew – and we welcome composite gas cylinders into our lives as the next step toward the future. 

Please, don’t cry for steel gas cylinders – be strong and know they’re in a better place now. Besides, your tears could make them rust. And no one likes that.

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