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We started our business because we were sick and tired of the difficulties of buying gas cylinders or looking for gas cylinder refills. And as we spent more time thinking about the problem, we quickly realised that the majority of us in South Africa actually don’t know any better. When you time thinking about how you order gas in this country or how you get gas delivered, the ways to make it better reveal themselves to you almost as if by magic.

Think about the hassle you feel when you drive from hardware store to hardware store or shop to shop, looking for gas. It can take up the majority of your Saturday morning as you go from place to place getting more and more exasperated as you go. Yes, there is always the sneaky boerie roll you can find in a hardware store’s parking lot to sweeten the deal, but at the end of the day it’s your precious time that has been wasted. You could have spent that Saturday morning doing anything other than looking for gas.

Or there’s the fact that old steel gas cylinders are rusty, opaque and incredibly heavy. They leave a ring of rust on your floor or your tiles outside, you can never see how much gas is left (and let’s be honest that two handed shake we all do doesn’t really work) and they’re a real problem to move around. There just has to be a better way. 

That’s why we made one.

Our gas cylinders are made from glass fibre composite material which makes them really light and incredibly durable. And they’re translucent, which means you never need to run out of gas again. Just have a quick look at the level on your gas cylinder and order before it runs out. When we come pick it up from you, we’ll refund you for the gas left over that you didn’t use. Because how does it make sense that you should pay for something you didn’t use?

To solve the problem of looking for gas – we do all the deliveries and pickups ourselves in our nifty branded vehicles. To ensure we can provide the very best in service to our customers, we only work within our designated delivery areas. And as long as you live inside our delivery area, we will deliver to you for free. Always. No questions asked. It goes without saying that we would love to be available everywhere immediately, but because we take service so seriously, we aren’t willing to cut corners or increase the chances of one of our customers having a bad experience when they get a gas refill from us.

Then of course, the issue of ordering gas cylinders. If you’re anything like us, you don’t really want to spend that much time talking on the phone to someone about gas delivery to your home. You probably have better things to do. We know we do, and we work in the gas industry ourselves! We do everything online first, so that you can get everything done as quickly as possible without any hassle. We know that it’s important for our customers to feel like they are the very best providers for their families (if you think about it, gas helps us cook our food and even keep warm on those cold winter nights) and we want to help them always feel that way.

If you feel the same way we do, we’re willing to bet that you’ve never really thought about how gas could be better, because it’s just been done so badly for so long in South Africa that we expect almost nothing. But as soon as you start to ask questions about how we buy gas in South Africa, how we get gas cylinder deliveries and gas refills you very quickly realise that gas doesn’t need to be something that takes time and energy out of your life.

We’ve set up our entire business so that you’ll never need to run out of gas ever again. We do it all online. We deliver seamlessly. We pride ourselves on the very best customer service. And our composite cylinders are not only lightweight modern marvels (they’re made from the same material they use in space technology) they show you when it’s time to order more! That’s how you do gas. 

What it really boils down to is this – we know we’re doing our job properly when you no longer need to think about gas anymore. You have way more important things to worry about than gas refills. 

Like we’ve said before: We do gas. You do you.

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